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SECURE MINI STORAGE has in depth security systems.

There are 9 video cameras throughout the facility. The video cameras record 24 hours/day. Video cameras face the front gate and records all those who enter or exit the facility. The office also has a video camera which records the office activities. The other video cameras record activities on all of the interior drive isles.

When a tenant wishes to enter Secure Mini Storage they key in their personal access code on the keypad outside of the entry gate. The front rolling gate will open if the computer program confirms the tenant's right to access. The program then unlocks the alarm on their unit. When the tenant leaves they key in their personal access code on the exit keypad. The program then opens the entry gate and locks the alarm on their unit.

The entire exterior of the facility is a 10' high concrete block wall. The entrances are 10' high wrought iron fencing. The interior of the facility is lighted at night. The manager resides on the premises.